ACT Prep Chicago IL

ACT Prep Chicago IL

ACT Prep Chicago IL Can Count On to Succeed

ACT reading expectations are set 100 WPM higher than the average reading speed for a high school student. A student’s score will rise when the ability to read faster is applied when retaking the ACT. By survey, most repeat ACT prep students have rated our program as superior. That is why ACT Up Speed Reading is the ACT prep Chicago IL trusts to help their students succeed.

Taking the Lead in ACT Prep

With so many credible ACT prep sources, you may wonder what makes our program so valuable. See for yourself:

  • Affordability – With each registration, students are welcomed back for refresher courses prior to taking the test.
  • Time Sensitivity – We recommend just one three-hour session to accomplish the same results achieved over weeks of classes required by most programs. Students are left to practice at home after taking the course.
  • Quality – Our program was written by Liz Kearney, an expert in related fields. It teaches students to read at the rate the ACT requires while still maintaining comprehension. In addition, all our practice questions are taken from previous ACT tests.
  • Environment – All sessions are held in real classroom settings. Studying in the testing environment has been clinically proven to increase a student’s ability to recall what they learned in that setting.
  • Educators – Our well educated and experienced teachers have confidence in our program. They work hard to help students achieve their goals.
  • Results – Coming in with average reading capabilities of 200-250 WPM, students leave reading well over 300 WPM. This quickly climbs toward 400 with the recommended practice.

On a 36-point scale, even one point can make all the difference. Experience the ACT prep Chicago IL relies on for higher ACT scores.

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Get ahead with the ACT prep Chicago IL uses to achieve ACT improvement. Register with ACT Up Speed Reading today by filling out our contact form or call us at (847)829-0911! We offer classes in and around Elgin, Barrington, Bartlett, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Aurora, Naperville, Orland Park, Tinley Park, and the city of Chicago. We also offer Skype sessions to out-of-state registrants, as well as private sessions for those seeking individualized attention.